April 22nd, 2016


THE ICON:TRUTH AND FABLES - Chapter 6 - Iconographic canonicity

And now, finally, we can pass from what is unimportant and secondary and even non-existent and invented — but still considered by certain persons to be of primary importance — in the artistic language of icons to that which is characteristic and important, and certainly needs to be included in the definition of icons.First of all, any icon needs to be canonical. So what does "being canonical" really mean?

The simple translation of the Greek does not help: "canonical" describes something that is regular, according to the rule. And indeed, how do we establish which icons are regular or "true" according all their different characteristics? In current practice, the term "canonical icon" has a very specific meaning: it is an icon that conforms with the iconographic canon, a concept not to be confused with the style, as poorly instructed people often do.

Canon and style - these concepts are so different Collapse )
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