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crazy trip из Новгорода-на-Волге, или Они нас так видят

О. Медведь только что перевел для Музея Изящных Искусств такой изящный текстик, анонс летних выставок.

summer at Bozar

In spring this year, the Renaissance came back to life at BOZAR, the century of Bruegel, full of voyages of discovery and scientific developments. This summer we are shifting the focus to Renaissance with an emphasis on contemporary art. Our world is getting smaller and smaller. We bridge huge distances in no time at all. We are in digital contact with each other around the world. Yet much is still out of our field of vision, and too often we look at art from other continents through Western spectacles. In two summer exhibitions, BOZAR takes travel-enthusiast visitors on journeys of imagination. The first route covers the whole of Africa, the other runs right across Russia. How do you map the art of such a diverse continent and from the largest country in the world, not from the viewpoint of an explorer but starting from the dynamics and tradition of the region itself?

IncarNations. African Art as Philosophy. traverses the African continent, travelling along former slave, trade and migration routes in search of the essence of African art. Artist Kendell Geers is responsible for the selection from the impressive collection of art collector Sindika Dokolo. IncarNations takes a pronounced Afrocentric; point of view, averse to an overly one-sided aesthetic or ethnographic view. Classic African statues are our guide in every room. We do not stare at the sculptures as Western ethnologists, but place African masks onto our faces in order physically to experience the spiritual trip, to incarnate.The energy in the halls is that of a car ride in an African metropolis.

The Twelfth Time Zone. A Report from Russia is the report of a journey on the Trans-Siberian railway, a journey of no less than 9289 kilometres through 11 time zones. The train stops in 12 cities, from Novgorod on the Volga river in Western Russia to Vladivostok on the Sea of Japan. For once we ignore Moscow and St Petersburg. Full of impressions from their journey, travellers alight from the train at Central Station, in the heart of Brussels. What have they brought back with them from this crazy trip? What art, largely unknown outside of Russia, can we see in the capital of Europe? The Twelfth Time Zone stands for art and the imagination, perhaps the only way to embrace this enormous space.

Перевел и отправил с некоторыми своими, вернее, нашими комментариями.

А у вас не будет ли комментариев каких? Мы бы, мож, и ответственной музэйной даме их показали, сейчас гуглопереводчик работает прекрасно.

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